Euroserve Automotive Pty Ltd is a mechanical workshop specialising in Citroen, Peugeot and SAAB vehicle repairs.  We service most makes and models including Asian and Australian vehicles.  Euroserve Automotive Pty Ltd is a member of the Motor Trades Association of Queensland.


Our technicians are fully qualified mechanics and experts in the field of servicing European vehicles.  We are passionate about what we do and understand how important it is to you, to use a reputable service company, to carry out work on your vehicle.


Because we specialise in the servicing of European vehicles you can feel confident that any work carried out on your vehicle will be to the highest standard.  All work is guaranteed for a period of 12 months which covers all car services, vehicle repairs and new auto parts.


We offer superior quality and value for money.  Our workshop is equipped with state of the art diagnostic equipment and our technicians are fully qualified in European vehicle servicing.  This combined with our experience and knowledge, will give you peace of mind that your vehicle is in good hands.

Air-conditioning Repairs


Euroserve Automotive Pty Ltd offer auto air-conditioning services to keep your car cool over the summer months.


Services include: changing the pollen filter, system compressors to air-conditioning re-gas.  We also offer an air-conditioning cleaning service to remove fungus build up in the evaporator.

Auto-electric Repairs


A large number of roadside vehicle breakdowns can be attributed to electronic related faults.  At Euroserve Automotive Pty Ltd we use innovative technology for accurate testing to find the cause of the electrical problem.


We offer advice on maintenance, care and use of your vehicles electrical devices and electronic systems to ensure you enjoy hassle free motoring.

Auto-transmission Servicing

Auto Transmission


At Euroserve Automotive Pty Ltd we have the right diagnostic gear to scan the transmission and then service as required.   If you are experiencing harsh shifting or slipping between gears this can be a sign that your auto-transmission may need servicing.


Generally there is no hard or fast rule as to when you should service auto-transmissions.  With every auto-transmission service we check the condition of the oil, and will recommend an oil flush if required.

Brake and Clutch Repairs

Brake & Clutch Repairs

At Euroserve Automotive Pty Ltd we offer a comprehensive brake repair service, which includes brake pads, rotor changes and disc machining.  If you are experiencing a brake shudder or pulsation through your brake pedal, it is time to have a mechanic check your vehicle out.


We also offer all clutch repair services.  If your clutch is slipping, shuddering or getting heavy it is generally a sign that it’s near the end of its life.  A clutch pedal that is hard to push is a sign that the clutch is worn.

Computerised Diagnostics and Repairs

Computersised Diagnostics


Euroserve Automotive Pty Ltd use specialist computerised diagnostic equipment for Peugeot, Citroen and SAAB European Vehicles.  Our workshop is also equipped with computerised diagnostic equipment for Asian and Australian made vehicles.

Coolant/Brake Fluid Flush/ Power Steering Fluid Flush

It is recommended that brake fluid and coolant be changed every 2 years or at a set mileage, normally every 40,000 kilometres.

Brake fluid can attract moisture and moisture in the system could lead to greater expense if you do not have the brake fluid changed as recommended.

If the coolant is let down you will get corrosion in the engine.

During a general service these checks are carried out to ensure that your vehicle continues to run smoothly.

Pre-purchase Inspections



If you are looking to buy a used car Euroserve Automotive Pty Ltd recommend that you get a pre-purchase vehicle inspection.


As part of the vehicle inspection service we will go over the car thoroughly to ensure everything is operational and in good order.  A pre-purchase vehicle inspection will determine the roadworthiness and safety of the vehicle and could save you unexpected repair costs.

Safety Certificates / Road-worthy Inspections


Euroserve Automotive Pty Ltd provides safety certificates and vehicle inspection services. If you are buying or selling a vehicle this service offers the buyer/seller peace of mind that the vehicle is roadworthy and safe.


Please note that a vehicle inspection for the purpose of obtaining a safety certificate covers basic roadworthiness in respect to things such as tyres, brakes, steering, suspension, body rust or damage, windscreen and lights.  A vehicle inspection is not a full mechanical check. Once the vehicle passes the minimum safety standard a safety certificate will be issued.


Euroserve Automotive Pty Ltd is an Authorised Inspection Station (AIS) offering safety certificate (road-worthy) inspection services as required by law for sale of vehicles in Queensland.

Suspension and Steering Repairs



When you book your vehicle in for suspension repairs and steering repairs we will perform a complete inspection of the vehicle.  We replace worn parts so you regain steering control and better vehicle handling.


At Euroserve Automotive Pty Ltd our suspension and steering repair service is comprehensive, offering everything from suspension with shock absorbers, springs and rubber bushes to power steering overhauls or even just changing the rubber rack boots.

Tyre Fitting and Inspections & Wheel Alignment



As part of our general service inspection, Euroserve Automotive Pty Ltd will check the condition of your vehicle’s tyres to see how they are wearing.  If there is bad tyre wear or excessive tyre wear this can mean that there is something possibly worn in the suspension system.  We will diagnose the underlying problems and notify you of the remedy and costs before proceeding with any repairs.


When you need to replace your tyres call Euroserve Automotive Pty Ltd.  We offer tyre fitting, tyre balancing and wheel-alignment services.

Vehicle Servicing

Euroserve Automotive Pty Ltd can provide an estimate before we carry out any work on your vehicle.  If we find additional problems we will call you before proceeding with the work.


At Euroserve Automotive we only use high quality fully synthetic or semi synthetic oils.


We are qualified to carry out manufacturer logbook services on your vehicle.  To ensure your warranty is not compromised we use genuine parts.  Euroserve Automotive Pty Ltd logbook servicing charges are competitive and in most cases less than dealership charges.



  • Minor Vehicle service

    Service includes replacing of Engine Oil and Oil Filter plus a general check of brakes, fluid levels, tyre pressures, battery test and general vehicle check over.


  • Major Vehicle Service

    Service includes replacing of Engine Oil and Oil Filter, Air, Pollen and fuel filters, spark plugs, coolant/brake fluids, battery test, plus a general check of: brakes, tyre pressures, and general vehicle check over.


Manufacturers Logbook Servicing



Carried out to manufacturer specifications.  Prices may vary dependent on the make and model of the vehicle.